We cover every aspect of the surrogacy program: from selection of a surrogate mother till the time when the parents are back home with their child

All-inclusive legal support and execution of all essential documents

We render assistance to patients of different age groups from all over the world

We have accumulated positive experience in running surrogacy programs

Specialists of the reproduction clinic apply the latest and most advanced methods, which permit to attain successful results in IVF programs

Our surrogate mothers have good physical, psychological and emotional health

We possess an extensive database of Ukrainian oocyte donors who meet every requirement of our patients

Lawful fulfillment of surrogacy programs in Ukraine


About La Vita Nova Surrogate Motherhood Center

It may be noted with much regret that today the number of infertile family couples is growing in geometrical progression all over the world. Many such couples treat the lack of their own children as a huge problem, if not a tragedy. There exists an extensive range of different reasons, which have an adverse impact on operation of the reproductive system, such as poor health condition, infertility of one of the partners, unfavorable genetic heredity, and various chronic diseases.

Due to the rapid development of the attendant reproductive methods, such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and surrogate motherhood, the better part of families who were diagnosed infertility through different reasons, succeeded in giving birth to their own healthy children.

The La Vita Nova Medical-and-Information Surrogate Motherhood Center was established with a view to providing assistance for family couples who, having undergone treatment with the use of a variety of infertility treatment methods, undertake another attempt to make their most cherished dream come true and become parents.

Our principal task is to launch and fulfill surrogate motherhood programs, beginning from the detail program-describing consultations to be given to all parties involved.

The Center is in possession of an extensive database of surrogate mothers and egg donors to help you choose proper candidates.

Another our duty is to prepare a surrogate mother (egg donor) whom you might choose for the participation in the program and carry out control over fulfillment of all appropriate contract obligations.

Lawyers who are professional in the sphere of Family Law would be ready to do all relevant legal paperwork after your baby is born.

Both would-be parents and surrogate mothers should benefit from cooperation with the La Vita Nova Medical-and-Information Surrogate Motherhood Center, which is the basic concept of our work.

Our harmonious group does the work with joy and enthusiasm. Our all-inclusive support, efficient servicing and absolute anonymity are guaranteed! 


It’s quite common that our clinic is contacted by women being in search of hormonal drugs used to stimulate growth of follicles in their ovaries. As we ask them prompting questions, we come to know that they are urged by a desire to have children. At the same time, such women cannot afford an IVF program.

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“Surrogate” children – what kind of children are they? No similar children No similar questions are given rise to in respect of children who were conceived naturally. All seems to be clear here. However, a special interest is drawn to children who were conceived in-vitro and stayed in an artificial medium during the very first days of their development.

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The human brain is a jewellery box full of mysteries and secrets. It is in this place that the true manifestations of all our qualities are hidden.

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If a woman (a person who has ordered the IVF and surrogacy service) is incapable through any reason of providing her own genetic matter (oocytes) for in-vitro fertilization purposes, she is welcome to make use of the services of an egg donor.

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