Getting Ready for Childbirth

Time is running so fast! Seemingly, your surrogate mother has got pregnant only recently. However, the time has come for your baby to come into being already. Since childbirth is a very important event in life of every human being, one should prepare well to avoid any problem that might be faced by the baby, surrogate mother and would-be parents.

The parents are request to provide the maternity hospital with the following baby stuff:

  1. Large-size terry towel – 1 pc
  2. Sleeping seasonal bag – 1 pc
  3. Seasonal cap – 1 pc
  4. One-piece suit – 1 pc
  5. Ordinary caps – 2 pcs
  6. Cotton diapers – 3 pcs
  7. Flannelette diapers – 3 pcs
  8. Baby’s loose jackets, size 54 – 3 pcs
  9. Baby’s loose jackets, size 64 – 3 pcs
  10.  Crawlers, size 54 – 3 pcs
  11.  Crawlers, size 64 – 3 pcs
  12.  Socks – 1 pair
  13.  Baby’s dummies – 2 pcs
  14.  Feeding bottles – 2 pcs, + 1 water bottle
  15.  Pampers cream
  16.  Baby powder
  17.  Wet tissues
  18.  Pampers
  19.  Navel treatment items: hydrogen peroxide, “brilliant green”, cotton wool
  20.  Ear sticks provided with restrictors
  21.  Bandage – 1 pc
  22.  Espumisan
  23.  Infant’s food: Nutrilon, Nan, Humana, or other formulas, as recommended by your pediatrician doctor

You will also need the following additional stuff after your baby is discharged from the maternity hospital and taken home:

  1. Infant’s water (to prepare milk formulas)
  2. Sterilizer – bottle heater, bottle brush
  3. Baby washing powder (for example, “Ushasty Nian’”), baby soap

It is not critical that you bring along all the things strictly according to the list. Please feel free to make up such a list at your discretion. The basic idea is to provide for all essential clothing and newborn care items.

All clothing items and diapers must be washed and pressed beforehand.


You are welcome to stay at a hotel, although it is more expensive option. Nevertheless, a hotel room would be quite good for a short-term stay with a newborn baby, especially if you’ve got a teapot.

Alternatively, you could rent an apartment in Kharkov for the period of 2 or 3 weeks. We would be glad to help you choose proper lodging.