How can a surrogate mother be found?

If you are in need of surrogacy services, you are invited to make your choice of a proper candidate from among several potential options.

Relatives and Friends

Your acquaintance or relative may become your surrogate mother. On the one hand, it would be good for you to know your would-be surrogate mother in person and trust her. As a rule, the next of kin provide such a service free of charge.

At the same time, this method has potential minuses. First, it may not be guaranteed that a female body will respond favorably to pregnancy and delivery. Should there be any adverse effects, would you be able to maintain good further relationship with your relative?

Second, there might arise psychological problems between both parties. The child would grow within sight of a woman who carried the child and gave birth to him/her. Probably, her attachment to the child will be stronger than you might like.

Internetand Newspaper Ads

From time to time one can see “I am looking for a surrogate mother” in some of the medical sites. Regretfully, an independent search does not inevitably bring about a desired result. Some women who might have a wish to carry a baby for a family are not well aware of the whole responsibility they are about to take.  To choose a surrogate mother, one should consider a number of different aspects: her health condition, adequacy of conduct, psychological stability, lifestyle. It takes many months sometimes to choose a proper candidate.

You would have to control the attendance of the clinic by the surrogate mother for the purposes of examination, embryo transfer, as well as deal with the issues of organization and fulfillment of your surrogacy project, till the very moment of childbirth.

Applying to La Vita Nova Medical-and-Information Center for Assistance

La Vita Nova is the medical-and-information center, which is focused on minimizing the effort and time expended by would-be parents. The Center is in possession of an extensive database of surrogate mothers. You would not need to wait indefinitely and waste months trying to find a good candidate. We are ready to launch your program immediately after the contract is signed.

Your surrogate mother would undergo comprehensive medical testing at a specialized clinic under close control of our coordinator. Only after having passed all appropriate tests and been given the professional opinion of the chief physician of the clinic as to her fitness, the woman may be allowed to take part in  a surrogacy program. 

Apart from the medical examination, surrogate mothers must be subject to psychological testing. Would she be capable of taking proper care of the child whom she carries, as if it were her own child, and even with a higher degree of responsibility? Would she be able to strictly follow every medical direction, stick to the daily routine, switch over the attention from her family to her pregnancy? Would she be capable of parting with a surrogate child without any excessive emotion? To admit a woman to a surrogacy program, we must get the affirmative answers to those questions first.

Our clients are invited to choose from among the following optional ways to select a surrogate mother:

1. While visiting our Center, you are welcome to choose a desired surrogate mother, basing on her enquiry form data. Should you have a wish to see her in person, the administrator would invite the candidate to attend the Center and meet you.  

2. Trust the doctor of the reproductive medicine clinic to choose a surrogate candidate for you. The surrogate mother would be chosen from among three potential candidates who make proper fits, as far as their psychological and physical health condition is concerned. This method is preferred by most of our clients.

As you start a program, please bear in mind that the surrogate mother will bear full responsibility for the health of the child to be born. Hence, both yourself and our personnel should also be held responsible for the health of the surrogate mother.