Surrogate Mothers during Pregnancy Period

So, your surrogate mother got pregnant! This is a remarkable event. Most of the anxiety and worries focused on your anxious desire that the whole thing work are past. What should you do during all those 9 months?

Obligations of would-be parents towards surroga temother

Your principal duty is to provide your surrogate mother with adequate finance and pay the monthly “food money” to her. It is important that this duty be fulfilled timely, since the baby’s health much depends of what the woman eats. We take proper care of our surrogate mothers and remind would-be parents of the next payment time.

As your surrogate mother has her stomach grown to a degree that she finds it inconvenient to wear her normal things, you will make single-time payment to cover the cost of special maternity clothes. In this case the surrogate mother will be entitled to dispose of this particular sum at her own discretion and buy clothes she finds to be comfortable. As a rule, such payment is made in month 4 or 5 of her pregnancy period.

Parental right to medical information

Pursuant to the Pregnancy- Carrying Contract and that for pregnancy control services to be provided by the clinic, you will have the full right to receive all-inclusive information about current pregnancy conditions, surrogate mothers health and daily routine.

Apart from it, you will be provided with comprehensive medical information as regards the results of medical tests, US scanning and examination protocols.

Our administrators will stay in touch with your surrogate mother. They will remind her of the time of her next scheduled visit to the clinic, inquire about her health condition and pastime. All such information will be sent to you by e-mail or conveyed by phone.

Right to communicate with surrogate mother

Our basic principle is your freedom of communication with your surrogate mother.  Many companies operating on the surrogacy market strictly forbid any contacts between surrogate mothers and parents. As far as our clinic is concerned, we set no limits to an extent of your communication outside our medical center. Should you desire to meet your surrogate mother and maintain relationship with her, we would be most glad to help you and acquaint you with your surrogate mother!

Besides, you will have an opportunity to attend the clinic along with your surrogate mother and see how your baby grows.

There were many cases where a surrogate mother and parents became good friends. It’s wonderful! Indeed, people do not meet by chance and must thank their lucky stars.

However, if you are not sure if you want to communicate with a stranger or wish that any attachment to her be avoided, it is quite normal. In this case, you will be given all relevant information by our personnel.