Choosing a surrogate mother

This service will be provided with the consideration of your preferences as to the age, educational background, physical parameters, living conditions and religious convictions of your surrogate mother.

The surrogate mother candidates represented in our database belong to the reproductive age group, are quite appealing, in excellent health condition and have at least one healthy baby of their own.

Psychological and moral stability are important factors to be considered in the process of generation of the surrogate database. Although a surrogate mother carries a baby who is not genetically related to her, parting with such a baby may be difficult from time to time. Therefore, it is not every woman who can be entered in our Center database.

Our Center administrators will arrange for your meeting a candidate (or candidates) whom you may choose. It is very important that a psychological contact be established right at the beginning.

If a potential surrogate mother proves to conform to all medical, psychological and your individual requirements, the Pregnancy Carrying Contract will be signed.