Choosing an egg donor

In those cases where a genetic mother is incapable of donating her own genetic matter in the course of fulfillment of the surrogate motherhood program, you may have to choose an egg donor whose oocytes will be used at the IVF clinic.

An extensive egg donor database has been generated by the La Vita Nova Medical-and-Information Surrogate Motherhood Center. We take every effort to make the process of selecting a proper candidate as convenient as possible. You are invited to look through enquiry form data at our website, and, subsequently, make your final choice at our office during your first visit.

Egg donors have been entered in our database with the consideration of the  medical, age and phenotypic factors. Another important aspect is egg donor motivation to help infertile couples become parents.

Our egg donors are young (20-32-year-old) healthy women having at least one child of their own. They must not have any psychological disorders, evil habits, chronic or hereditary diseases, congenital malformations and excessive weight.

Participation of an egg donor in an IVF program is subject to the issuance by the doctor in charge of the appropriate medical certificate.

As a rule, the rates of success of IVF programs involving the use of donor eggs are higher owing to the fact that their reproductive capacity was already proved by nature itself.