Ultrasonic (US) scanning diagnostics

Today, US scanning is the most popular method to diagnose different conditions and affection of human internal organs.

Ultrasonic scanning is conducted at our Center with the use of the E-CUBE 7 system furnished with high-quality image generation equipment.

This US scanning system provides for a prompt generation of top-quality volumetric data, presentation of an extended viewing angle by linear transducers, and, hence, enables to increase the quantity of useful information.

USscanning diagnosticsservices:

  • US scanning of mammary glands
  • US scanning of salivary glands
  • US scanning of thyroid gland
  • US scanning of prostate gland and urinary bladder
  • US scanning of small pelvis organs
  • US scanning of vessels, arteries and veins
  • US scanning of gastrointestinal tract
  • US scanning of soft tissues
  • US scanning of liver
  • US scanning of shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle joints of children not older than 1 year for dysplasia anomalies
  • US scanning of pancreas
  • US scanning of spleen
  • US scanning of gallbladder
  • US scanning of lymph nodes of neck, axillary and inguinal regions
  • Gallbladder functional testing
  • US scanning of elbow joint
  • US scanning of kidneys and adrenal glands
  • Screening of expectant mothers

Dopplerography services:

  • Dopplerography of neck vessels
  • Dopplerography of arteries of upper extremities
  • Dopplerography of arteries of lower extremities
  • Dopplerography of veins of upper extremities
  • Dopplerography of veins of lower extremities
  • Dopplerography of vessels (arteries and veins) of upper extremities
  • Dopplerography of vessels (arteries and veins) of lower extremities
  • Doppler-echocardiography of fetus
  • Dopplerography of uteroplacental and fetoplacental blood flows
  • Dopplerography of vertebral arteries