Illegal Surrogacy Services in Belarus

The criminal proceedings were initiated by the Belarus’ committee of inquiry against Oksana Kolesen’, the Director of “Surconsult” agency. She is accused under Art. 233, part 2 of the Criminal Code of Belarus’ (illegal entrepreneurship activities, involving accumulation of especially high incomes), which provides for up to five years of imprisonment.

The investigation and search operations were performed in respect of the “Surconsult” agency by the Organized Crime and Corruption Control Head Department  of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  With the consideration of the initial investigation results, the surrogacy scandal may also have an impact on structures of the Ministry of Health of Belarus’.

According to the law-enforcement authorities, Oksana Kolesen’ was engaged in surrogacy program business without a proper license from July 2010 to January 2014. During this period of time she gained, as the result of her illegal action, above 280 million rubles.

According to the law-enforcement authorities, Oksana Kolesen’ dealt with in-vitro fertilization of surrogate mothers, making use as a legal cover of the companies where she was represented as a founding member: “Yurgruptsentr” Ltd. and “Wudpolbel” Private Company. While running this business, she was detained.