Independent Search for a Surrogate Mother

The human brain is a jewellery box full of mysteries and secrets. It is in this place that the true manifestations of all our qualities are hidden.

We see a person as that which wants to seem to us. However, in certain real-life situations, this “secret chest” can suddenly open and all that is so carefully hidden bursts out. This brief foreword addresses the independent selection of a woman to whom you want to entrust your child's bearing.

“We have wasted so much time,” complained our patients, sharing their bitter experience of independently searching for a surrogate mother. And the whole point comes to the fact they were looking for their “mother” guided only by looks, without any reference to psychological aspects. In order to understand how important is the psycho-emotional health of your chosen candidate for a successful surrogacy program, let us give a small example.

Two young women who wished to be surrogate mothers made an appointment for a consultation with our center administrator. They were interviewed at different times and they could not see each other in any way.

The first one was a quite attractive girl. She was graduated from a higher education institution. She is sociable and quickly found common ground with the administrator. She is fond of traveling; she is into sports; she likes reading various educational literatures. She easily shared interesting stories from her life. She talked time and again about how much she loved her children and her husband. To sum up, communicating with her has left only positive impressions. That’s she, the ideal surrogate mother!

The second girl behaved very composedly. She is just an ordinary tailoress. She is not particularly bright in terms of her physical qualities. She answered all questions asked by the administrator without showing any emotion. Unlike the first girl, the second girl could not produce any special positive impression.

After the first stage of the consultation, the girls were invited for psychological testing, the results of which were absolutely opposite to the first impression. The girl who had fascinated the administrator so much, according to her results, turned out to be an easily irritable and put out of temper person prone to frequent and uncontrollable outbreaks of aggression. She is not disciplined at all.  She is a quite principled person and not ready to compromise. She likes manipulating people surrounding her.

The test results of the second girl described her as a calm and reserved person, able to control her emotions. This girl will perform all the tasks assigned to her with all responsibility. She is an absolutely non-confrontational person and easy to compromise.

Needless to say, after such results, the scales in terms of choosing the surrogate mother were tipped in favor of the second girl. To date, she has already completed two successful surrogacy programs in our center. And it is not known what would happen if guided only by our first impressions, we gave our preference to such a charming, at a first glance, first girl. Indeed, it is a huge responsibility to carry a child of someone else's. Quite often, a surrogate mother, in order to save the baby’s life, must sacrifice her habitual way of living; strictly adhere to all the doctor’s recommendations and prescriptions. And if the psycho-emotional state of a woman is unstable, at any time, her Pandora's box, at first so successfully hidden, can suddenly open and no one knows what unpredictable surprises were so carefully hidden inside it.

Hence, to avoid any mistakes when choosing your surrogate mother, just entrust this work to professional experts.