Surrogate Motherhood Contract

To fulfill a surrogacy program in conformity with Order of the Health Ministry of Ukraine No. 787, dated September 09, 2013, an appropriate contract must be signed between a surrogate mother and a woman (man) / family couple. A copy of such a contract is subject to notarization.

The above-mentioned document should be presented to the reproductive medicine clinic prior to start the surrogate motherhood program.

Information for surrogate mother

A surrogacy contract specifies the following rights and obligations of a surrogate mother:

  • to present all relevant data on herself to the genetic parents;
  • to provide the medical personnel of the clinic with the complete information about any surgical interference of diseases, which were suffered by herself;    
  • to comply timely with all essential medical prescriptions, attend the clinic for the purpose of appropriate medical manipulations;
  • to abide by recommended dietary and life pattern, avoid physical and psycho-emotional strain;
  • to abstain from consumption of narcotic, alcoholic and psychotropic substances;
  • to abstain from smoking and sexual intercourse during the period of preparation for embryo transfer, as well as at the time of pregnancy;
  • to maintain confidentiality in respect of the customers and contract terms.

Information for genetic parents

The customers should be entitled to:

  • be provided with true and reliable information about personal and medical data on the surrogate mother;
  • require that all appropriate contractual obligations be fulfilled by the surrogate mother.

Genetic parents should be obliged to:

  • provide timely the IVF clinic with all essential medical records;
  • effect timely all relevant payments due to the surrogate mother.  

 Financial part of surrogacy contract

The size of every payment should be agreed upon between both parties (the surrogate mother and genetic parents – customers) and specified in the contract. The Ukrainian laws do not set any limits as regards the financial part of the program.

Pursuant to the contract, the rate of payment to the surrogate mother is split into the following parts: the first part – practical expenses (meals during the pregnancy period, cost of rented accommodation, buying special maternity clothes, etc.); the second part – remuneration of the child carrying and birth services.

Should any of the contract terms be violated by the surrogate mother, she would become liable to recover the genetic parents all payments that were made to her in the course of fulfillment of the surrogacy program.

In the process of documentation of a surrogacy contract the La Vita Nova Medical-and-Information Surrogate Motherhood Center coordinates all proposals and suggestions of both a surrogate mother and genetic parents.  We do guarantee that each party who enters into the contract will perform all appropriate contract obligations.