Little-known cause of male infertility

Many modern cosmetics intended for both men and women contain rather large quantities of chemical compounds, which might cause harm to health.

 One of such components is especially harmful for male semen.

The variety of adverse substances contained in cosmetic preparations, which range from ordinary toilet soap to costly face creams, really amazes. Formaldehydes, methylisothiazolin, parabens and phthalates are among the most hazardous ones.

As reported by some US scientists, the latter component is capable of accumulating in a human body. In this case, it acts on a female and male body in a different way. Phthalates are used in the process of production of many cosmetic preparations as solvents and binders.

While the content of phthalates in blood of women is normally higher due to the use of various cosmetics by them, even small concentrations of those substances cause much more harm to the reproductive system of the stronger sex, thus contributing to the development of male infertility.    

The personnel of the National Institute of Health, a specialized department of the US Health Ministry, came to this conclusion after having had monitored 501 family couples, having child conception problems, during the period of 4 years.

As was shown by the urine test results, the level of phthalate in the bodies of practically all people under study was rather higher, regardless their sex. However, the more comprehensive study showed that similar concentrations of those compounds in blood caused much less harm to female oocytes than to male spermatozoa.

“We were not rather surprised by the results. They were expected. Earlier we had observed similar effects in the course of the experiments involving the use of cultures of female and male sex cells, as well as animal models” – such was the explanation of Pr. Germain Bac Luis, the Head of the Research.