Oocyte donorship

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Oocyte donorship is applicable to those cases of female infertility treatment where exhaustion of ovaries or their complete absence are recognized as the cause of reproductive dysfunctions. If a woman is incapable of responding well to the stimulation of ovarian superovulation, an insufficient number of follicles mature, while their quality is very low. In this case, there is a risk that a baby to be born would inherit a severe genetic pathology. Besides, if a woman is older than 40, it would be recommended that she also should make use of egg donor services.

It is not an easy task to make a decision as to the use of outside genetic matter for child conception purposes. In such a situation, one should analyze everything thoroughly and reckon up all the pros and cons.

Oocyte Donorship – Program

Using special hormonal medicines, patient’s and egg donor’s cycles are synchronized. Following this procedure, the egg donor passes through the superovulation stimulation procedure under close medical control, so that her ovaries can generate an adequate number of follicles containing good-quality oocytes.

In the process of stimulation of donor superovulation the patient takes special medicines to get her endometrium ready for successful implantation of embryos.

Next step: donor’s follicles are punctured under anesthetic conditions. The time of this procedure may not exceed 10 minutes.

Oocytes are fertilized with husband’s genetic matter. The embryos are cultivated to be transferred into the patient’s uterine cavity. The woman undergoes the maintaining therapy process until the results of transfer become known.

Oocyte Donor – Choice

Choosing an egg donor is a rather important step.  An oocyte donor can be represented by a young and healthy woman of 20-32 years, having no evil habits and genetic diseases. She must have her own healthy child, which is another important aspect.

An egg donor should undergo comprehensive medical tests for her general health condition, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, HIV-infection, sexually-conveyed infections. Her hormonal background should be tested as well. If no departures from the normal condition are found, she can be approved as fit to take part in the IVF program.

Oocyte Donorship – Result 

The oocyte donorship method helps infertile couples become parents.As shown by the medical practice, women who succeeded in getting pregnant with the use of donor eggs never, afterwards, recall the fact that their newborn babies are genetically related to their husbands only. As soon as a would-be mother becomes aware of the fact that a new life came into being inside her body, she gets filled with positive emotions enabling her to forget the lack of her genetic relationship to the baby.