Our advantages

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The surrogacy market is overflowed today with a variety of clinics and medical centers offering their services in this particular field of reproductive technology. With the consideration of the existing diversity of medical institutions and private companies, we would like to brief you on some specific advantages of the services provided by the La Vita Nova Medical-and-Information Surrogate Motherhood Center.

First, the surrogate motherhood services in Ukraine are governed by the law. Article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine expressly specifies that a child born as a result of application of attendant reproductive techniques and, in particular, surrogacy methods must be recognized as genetically-related to his or her biological parents, i.e. a family couple who is involved in a surrogacy program. In this case, a woman who carried the pregnancy and gave birth to a baby must not have any maternal rights.

Second, a considerable experience in fulfilling efficiently similar programs has been accumulated by the La Vita Nova personnel. The words of thanks on behalf of all family couples who became happy parents with our assistance are the best proof of our successful work. Indeed, we improve steadily the level of our services and promptly respond to every comment and wish of our clients.

Third, having placed us in charge of your program, you won’t need to carry out a search of a surrogate mother and egg donor, arrange for the medical part of your program, as well as exercise control over your surrogate mother to make sure that she performs properly all the contract obligations. Neither will you have to expend your time and effort to complete all relevant documents after your child is born – let the professional lawyers handle this matter. We will help you solve any problem and be glad to reply your every urgent question.

Fourth, our cost package is quite reasonable. Clients do not have to sell their property or raise huge credits. Most families can launch their programs straight away, since we do not require that the whole amount should be prepaid. You would make payments step by step, as the results are attained. Our prices are transparent, easy-to-understand and, above all, are final, that is do not cover any hidden costs.

Fifth, protection against any fraudulent action is guaranteed by the La Vita Nova Surrogate Motherhood Center, since we exercise control over all financial transactions between biological parents and their surrogate mothers, each payment being made against the appropriate receipts.

Sixth, we guarantee that a reliable contact be established between yourselves and your surrogate mother. We are always ready to meet your wish to communicate with your preferred candidate directly. Should you prefer that your identity be not disclosed, the La Vita Nova administrators would inform you of your surrogate’s health condition, attendance to the clinic and pregnancy process.

Seventh, the La Vita Nova Center will cater to your every need in Ukraine. We would be glad to provide for your comfortable accommodation and free transfer services.

We accept the fact that people differ, and each situation and family couple should be approached individually. The goal of the La Vita Nova Medical-and-Information Surrogate Motherhood Center is to provide comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for our clients with the consideration of their special interests, motives and characters!