Ukrainian oocyte donor selection criteria

If a woman (a person who has ordered the IVF and surrogacy service) is incapable through any reason of providing her own genetic matter (oocytes) for in-vitro fertilization purposes, she is welcome to make use of the services of an egg donor.

Choosing a proper egg donor is a rather critical issue, considering that a certain share of genetic information would be conveyed from donor’s oocytes to a child.  

Important selection aspects

First aspect. Physical characteristics. Since you are choosing a donor to your liking, her eye, hair, skin color, height, body build should be deemed important.

Second aspect. Personality characteristics: disposition, habits, intelligence potential.

Third aspects. No genetic diseases in past history. In most cases an egg donor is unaware if she might be a carrier of a genetic disease. Even the fact of having her own healthy child may not serve as 100 % proof of it. At our clinic blood tests for genetic pathologies are conducted. If, grounding on the test results, no departures from the normal values are found, the donor is proved as fit to take part in the follicle donation program.

Fourth aspect.  Good physical and reproductive health, no HIV infection, sexually-conveyed diseases, hepatitis A, B, C, D and E.

There exist certain age limits for a woman who wants to become an egg donor. The IVF clinics give preference to egg donors not younger than 20 and not older than 32. Grounding on the medical data, the female reproductive system becomes adequate by the age of 20, while, as the age of 30 is attained, the hormonal background starts changing, thus reducing little by little reproductive capacities of the body.

Our medical center is in possession of an extensive database of oocyte donors. Prior to begin a program, each woman must pass comprehensive diagnostic tests. Preparations for retrieval of mature follicles are made under close medical control. The whole oocyte donation procedure is followed up by special coordinators, from the very beginning of the program to the follicle puncture operation.