Surrogate Motherhood in Russia will be limited legislatively in respect of single men and single-sex couples

This is to the common knowledge that Russia is among the countries where surrogate motherhood is allowed by the law as one of the branches of the reproductive-technology sphere.

The draft law setting limits to the presentation of such a service for single-sex family couples and single men is currently at the stage of development. The above limits will also extend to the issue of selection of sex of a child who might be born, with the only exception of those cases where there exists the risk to convey a genetic disease to any such child.

Besides, the specific socioeconomic requirements will be applied, apart from the medical-indication requirements, to would-be parents who desire to make use of the “surrogate motherhood” service. Those are such requirements as solvency and psychological readiness. As far as surrogate mothers are concerned, the draft law authors suggest that a certain “limit” should be set to the number of children that may be born for infertile family couples.

Such changes were spurred by a keen interest displayed to the fact of birth of the babies by a surrogate mother for the Russian singer Alla Pugachiova and her husband Maxim Galkin.