Surrogate motherhood in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of few world countries where surrogacy services are properly regulated by the active laws. Article 123.2 of the Family Code of Ukraine says that a child born as a result of application of attendant reproductive processes should be recognized as the lawful child of a family couple whose genetic matter was used for his/her conception.

Unlike Russia where a surrogate mother, having given birth to a child, is not obliged to give her consent that genetic parents be registered as lawful mother and father of the child who was carried by her and may, in principle, keep the child, a Ukrainian surrogate mother does not have a chance to do it.

Traditional and gestational surrogate motherhood

Traditional surrogacy services imply biological relationship between a woman (a surrogate mother) and a baby whom she carries. In Ukraine, this particular method of surrogacy is strictly forbidden and is treated as transfer (sale) of a child by his/her mother.

As far as gestational surrogate motherhood is concerned, a surrogate mother is not biologically related to a child whom she gave birth to. She carries an embryo belonging to biological parents, i.e. clients. If, to conceive a child, biological oocytes and donor sperm, or both, are used, clients will be recognized under any conditions as parents of the child carried by the surrogate mother.

Choice of sex of would-be child

Ukraine is among few countries where choosing sex of a child to be born, by the method of pre-implantation genetic diagnostics (PGD) is made legally possible. Using such a method, parents are afforded an opportunity to choose sex of their would-be child and, apart from it, insure themselves against birth of a genetically-abnormal child.

Cost of surrogacy services in Ukraine

The cost of a surrogacy program is much lower in Ukraine than in such countries as USA and Canada. The European servicing level, affordable prices and loyal Ukrainian legislation are among the basic advantages that make surrogacy programs so attractive for thousands of family couples from all over the world.