Surrogacy services


1. Primary visit

You should be ready to make your first two-day visit to our Center. On day one you will be thoroughly consulted as regards every aspect of the program with all your questions being answered in very detail. If desired, you will be welcome to make your choice of a surrogate mother and, if necessary, an egg donor on the same day.

On day two you will be expected to pass all essential medical tests at our clinic.

2. Preparation of surrogate mother (egg donor) for program

The surrogate mother (egg donor) who you have chosen will be subject to comprehensive medical examination. As soon as her health condition is proved fit, her preparation for the IVF program will begin.

3. IVF program

The IVF procedure consists of the several parts.

  • Step one. Using special hormonal medicines, the process of superovulation (maturation of a large quantity of follicles in the ovaries) of the genetic mother (egg donor) is run. In the process of stimulation the US scanning diagnostics is conducted – control over the follicle growth rate and monitoring of estradiol hormone concentration in blood.

At the same time, the menstrual cycles of the surrogate mother and biological mother (egg donor) are synchronized. Besides, using hormonal drugs, the endometrium (lining) of the surrogate mother is prepared for the transfer of embryos.

  • Step two. Puncture of follicles – collection of mature oocytes
  • Step three. “In-vitro fertilization”. Using the ICSI method, preselected eggs are combined with high-quality spermatozoa. Fertilized oocytes are immersed in incubator nutrient solution for the purposes of their maturation.
  • Step four. On the fifth day following the follicle puncture day, the top-quality (first-rate) embryos (as a rule, two embryos) are transferred into the uterine cavity of the surrogate mother with the use of a catheter. The remaining embryos (if any such embryos are left) are subject to cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen where they can be stored for many years.
4. Pregnancy of surrogate mother

Following two weeks after the moment of transfer, the surrogate mother will undergo the pregnancy test and will donate her blood so that the the beta level, i.e. chorionic gonadotropin (pregnancy hormone) level can be assessed.

If the hormonal level proves the fact of pregnancy onset, the US scanning examination is conducted, in the process of which a fetal egg is visualized by the doctor.

As stipulated by the contract, close control over a pregnant woman should be exercised by our coordinator who will keep track of her scheduled visits to the clinic for pregnancy supervision purposes, provide professional psychological support.

At each stage of the pregnancy period you will be furnished with the all-inclusive information about the condition of health of your surrogate mother and the child to be born.

5. Delivery

The childbirth waiting period of nine months runs fast. The administrator of our Center will get in touch with you in good time to let you know the dates of your final visit.

The very moment of the birth of your child and all relevant conditions are controlled by your surrogate mother’s doctor-in-charge. The only thing you have to do will be take a deep breath and become aware of your new quality. You are now mother and father.

Both the child and surrogate mother will be discharged from hospital on the third day (in case of natural delivery) or seventh day (if the Caesarean section operation was applied).

6. Documentation

Lawyers, experts in the sphere of Family Law, will prepare at an early date all essential documents, which are necessary to get your baby properly registered. Both parents must attend the Registry Office where the Birth Certificate will be issued.

Afterwards, the standard Ukrainian Birth Certificate will be translated into the language of the country where genetic parents live (for example, into English), notarized, apostilled and handed over to you along with all other legal documents.

On the grounds of the Ukrainian birth certificate and some other essential legal documents you will be able to leave Ukraine together with your child.

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