Main criteria to select a surrogate mother

When attending our clinic to get a primary consultation, many intended parents keep asking themselves: “What a PROPER surrogate mother should be like? Might a child inherit her character traits or physical features in the course of pregnancy?”

The physical and psycho-emotional condition of a candidate must be treated as the most important criterion to make a proper choice of a surrogate mother.

Embryos that generate in artificial medium as a result of conjugation of oocytes and spermatozoa belonging to intended parents is to be transferred at an early stage of its evolution into the uterine cavity of a woman having no genetic relation thereto.  Thus, under no condition physical parameters of a surrogate mother, such as her height, hair and eye color, body build, appearance, as well as her character traits can be conveyed to a child whom she carries. To secure implantation and further normal development of the embryo that was transferred, the surrogate mother must be absolutely healthy. Extensive medical examinations and tests are conducted at our clinic to  make sure that a woman is physically capable of carrying an artificial pregnancy. Grounding on all test results, she is either proved fit to take part in the program or is withdrawn from it.

Psycho-emotional condition is also deemed important in the process of selection of proper surrogate candidate. As the woman gives her consent to participate in a surrogacy program, she must precisely understand and perform all appropriate obligations. To be able to control the emotional and mental health of a candidate, a special testing procedure is applied at our clinic. If, grounding on the test results, mental health of a woman proves to be unstable, such a candidate may not be a surrogate mother.

Pursuant to Law of Ukraine “Approval of Procedure of Application of Attendant Reproductive Methods in Ukraine”, a woman having a wish to become a surrogate mother must conform to the following criteria:

  • having her own genetically healthy child (children);
  • having no hereditary diseases that might affect her reproductive health;
  • being not older than 34;
  • being in good physical condition;
  • having no evil habits (tobacco, alcohol, narcotic drugs)